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Prepare your Plants for Spring

Are you noticing the warmer weather? I'm sure that your plants are. I can just see the new leaves starting to shoot and flower buds popping out. Plants are great communicators but sometimes, as with humans, there are misunderstandings and false signals.  What your plants want to tell you is that it's the time of year when they need some extra love and attention. They want to thrive and make you happy but can't do it without your help. So below are some tips to help you set them up to flourish in the warmer weather. Tip 1: Fertilise! Plants need nutrients. The original soil of plants bought from a nursery often does not provide the essential ingredients plants need to...

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Our War on Plastic

I recently watched a documentary that portrayed in a graphic way how plastic travels around the globe through the air and waterways, ending up inside birds, turtles and, yes, humans. The birds were mistaking small bottle caps and other plastic floating in the water for food, and giving it to their chicks, essentially condemning them to death. The documentary highlighted how dangerous plastic is and how over the past few decades it has managed to permeate every part of the planet. We can’t escape it, plastic is all around us and it’s not going away. If you tried to shop ‘plastic-free’ recently, you probably realised that it is all but impossible, at least when visiting the big supermarkets. It is...

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