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Before you start, we suggest checking @cupoflora for the most suitable plant. Choose a peat-based potting mix that contains composted bark with sand or perlite. Ideally, your soil should be light and bouncy and have little to no odour. If none is included in the mix, we suggest adding half a teaspoon of slow-release fertiliser to ensure the plant remains well-fed for several months.

Open the box and separate the inner cup from the outer pot. Dispose of the silicone ring or keep it to give the pot extra protection and reduce waste.

Step 1

Add approximately 2 cm of water to the outer pot, ensuring the water level remains below the inner cup.

Step 2

Use tweezers to pull the white wick through the hole at the bottom of the inner cup so that about a third of the wick is inside.

Step 3

Fill the inner cup with approximately 1 cm of soil.

Step 4

Remove the plant from its original pot ensuring that the roots are loose. If the roots started to entangle on the bottom of the pot, gently loosen them with your fingers.

Step 5

Hold the plant upright in the inner cup and cover with fresh soil, leaving about 1 cm between the soil and the cup's rim.

Step 6

Slightly press the soil to remove any air pockets and top up with more soil if required.

Step 7
Place the inner cup with the plant into the outer pot. The wick will draw water to the plant’s roots.
Step 8
Use a Watering Can to top up the outer cup’s water reservoir once it is dry and enjoy hassle-free plant care.