Follow these steps to quickly set up your propagation station, or read our blog post for a more comprehensive guide.

1. Assemble the Station: Take out any packaging material from the glass tubes and slot them into the holes in the bamboo frame.
Step 1
2. Prepare the Tubes: fill the tubes with tap water up to 1 cm from the lip of the tube. Step 2
3. Prepare the Plant: Use a snip to cut the stem of the plant at a 45-degree angle about 2 cm below a node. Remove any leaves from the bottom inch of the stem, but leave several healthy leaves above. The stem should be about 10 cm long. Step 3
4. Insert Cuttings: Place the plant cuttings into the top of each tube, with leaves above and roots (or the cut stem) submerged in water. Step 4
5. Placement: Position the fully assembled propagation station in an area of your home that receives ample natural light yet is shielded from direct sunlight, drafts, or the dry air emitted by air conditioning or heating units. Step 5
6. Top up: Use a Watering Can to top up the water in the tubes, ensuring that the nodes and roots are always submerged. Step 6