My CUP O FLORA plant has grown too big. Can I trim it?

Please email some photos to us at, and we can advise on how to trim your plant correctly.

Do I need to fertilise my CUP O FLORA plant?

This will depend on the type of soil you used to plant the pot. Many types of soil come with a slow-release fertiliser that can feed your plant for two to six months. After that, you can add liquid fertiliser to the water. To add fertiliser, simply empty the water from the reservoir and replace it with the fertiliser as per the product directions.

What if the roots poke through the pot’s hole into the water?

It’s okay! Some types of plants may produce roots that reach down into the water reservoir. They will do what the wick does: drink water. If they get too thick, you may trim the roots; use clean scissors to trim off and discard. Take care not to cut the wick.

My CUP O FLORA plant is leaning to one side. Is that okay?

Yes. Plants are living things, and they lean toward the sun. To straighten your plant, turn it every couple of weeks so all sides receive the same amount of light.

My apartment does not get much sun. Will my plant survive?

Yes! Choose your plant carefully and position it close to a window. Plants like Peace Lily and other plants from the Arums family will be most suitable for this type of environment.

What if my CUP O FLORA plant loses its leaves?

Dropping leaves generally indicates that your plant may not be getting enough light. Check for the correct light levels for your plant type and reposition it in your home accordingly. Plants like Cyclamen will lose their leaves before going into hibernation. Usually this happens after the flowering has gone and might appear like the plant is dying. It’s not! Reduce the amount of water you give the plant and wait for new leaves to appear in a few months.

What type of plants suit your pots?

CUP O FLORA pots can host indoor foliage varieties likePeace Lilies, ferns andAfrican Violets. You can also use the pot to grow succulents. More information is available online, through images on Instagram, or email us at if you need advice about a specific plant. You can find a summary of popular plants here.

I’m looking for a potted vessel to buy as a gift. Where can I find my nearest retailer?

We sell CUP O FLORA through more than 100 retailers in Australia and beyond. You can find them by visiting ourStore Locator page.

The flowers on my African Violet are now brown and look dead. What should I do?

When your African Violet finished flowering, it’s best to cut the dead flowers using a pair of scissors. The plant will stay healthy and keep producing leaves. If given lots of natural light (but not direct sun), it will rebloom in a few months. We suggest putting a diluted solution of Seasol at the end of February or March to ensure it has the nutrients needed to re-flower. Read morehere.

My plant has outgrown its pot. What should I do?

Your plant will tell you when it needs to be repotted. Signs like roots circling the bottom of the inner cup or leaves going brown might indicate that it requires a bigger home. You can order a larger CUP O FLORA pot or transfer it to a regular pot. Take out the plant from its existing cup and loosen the roots. Depending on the plant, you might find that new pups can be put into many separate pots. To plant them in a new CUP O FLORA, please follow the instructions under the 'support' tab.

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