African Violet

African Violets are one of the best flowering indoor plants. Its range of flowers, leaf colours and sizes makes it perfect for anyone looking to add colour to their plant collection. A native of Tanzania, this plant's leaves are sensitive to water and require bottom watering, making it an ideal plant for your CUP O FLORA pot. 

Plant Care

Light: ample natural light but no direct sun. Windowsills are recommended or up to 1 metre from the window.

Watering: fill the outer pot with approximately 2 cm of water and refill when the water runs out. Don't worry if you forget to refill for a few days as the plant enjoys a wet-dry cycle.

Soil: African Violet soil has little actual soil. Instead, it will contain elements that keep it airy and porous. The soil should be moist but not soggy. Source a good-quality potting soil from a local supplier or use our special mix.

Cleaning: Keep the leaves clean of debris by brushing any dust off with a fine paintbrush.

Re-potting: Your Violet won't need to be re-potted for a while. But, if the plant looks sad, the leaves light green, or the soil remains dry, it may signal that it needs new soil or a transfer to a bigger pot.

  • Buy a new pot from your nearest retailer or order online (consider purchasing a larger vessel to give the plant room to grow).
  • Insert the wick into the new pot and fill a third of the insert with high-quality African Violet soil.
  • Extract the overgrown plant with the soil and use your fingers to split the main plant into several small bunches. The plant may have pups that can be re-potted in multiple pots.
  • Now, position the new plant in the centre and cover the roots with more soil. Gently tap the inner cup on the table to compact the soil and eliminate air pockets (use a cloth to ensure the glass is not damaged). Repeat the same method for the pups. You can see more detailed instructions here.
My plant looks sad and doesn't rebloom. What to do?

Soil: when was the last time you changed soil? We suggest changing the growing medium at least once per year to ensure your Violet reblooms.

Fertiliser: We regularly add small amounts of Seaweed Tonic into the outer pot to keep the plant nourished.

Too much water? Never let your plant sit in water. If the plant looks soggy, drain the water from the reservoir and let the plant sit without water for a few days. Refill with no more than 1cm of water.

Any other tips?

  • Increase the amount of light by relocating your plant to a brighter location with lots of non-direct sunlight.
  • Increase the room temperature: African Violets thrive in temperatures between 18 and 25°C.