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How to Keep Plants Healthy in Winter (5 Indoor Gardening Tips)
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How to Keep Plants Healthy in Winter (5 Indoor Gardening Tips)

For our CUP O FLORA family here in Australia, winter is knocking on our doors. Colder days mean less sunlight, more cool airflow, and a more temperamental time of year for some plants as they acclimate to the change in seasons. So, today we're sharing 5 of our best indoor gardening tips for how to keep plants healthy in winter. Now is the time to start making these changes before the cold truly hits.

1. Be wary of cold and dry air

The air of winter tends to affect plants in much the same way that it affects our skin - it dries them out. Whether the air in your home is affected by cold draughts or heating units, it's important to ensure your plants are kept 'moisturised'. Be sure to move them out of the direct line of cold breezes and warm dry air from heating appliances. You can also give them a spritz with a mister spray bottle every so often to help maintain humidity levels.


2. Don't overfeed and choose the right plant food

As winter sets in, your plants will naturally go into a type of 'hibernation' mode where they don't do much growing so they don't need much feeding. It's still important for them to get the nutrients they need, so we suggest revitalising your plants with a seaweed tonic once or twice throughout winter.


3. Use self-watering pots

This is true for a few reasons, but the main benefit is that they reduce the risk of over watering. Plants don't generally need as much water in winter, so utilising a self-watering system is a great idea. Simply adjust how often you water according to how much liquid in left in the pot's reservoir. Our see-through glass self-watering pots are perfect for this.

BONUS: CUP O FLORA pots actually provide an additional benefit as they have a layer of air between two layers of glass, insulating the soil from its surroundings!


4. Trim dead leaves

As mentioned, winter is a time for plants to rest and reset. Help them out by trimming any dead or dying leaves with some appropriately-sized plant snips to reduce their energy output so they can chill out (pun intended) for a few months and get back to growing at full capacity in spring. Be sure to choose the right sized snips to suit your smaller and larger indoor plants.


5. Isolate plants from cold surfaces

This is an absolute game changer for indoor plant parents who want to keep their plant babies safe and sound throughout the cold weather. Sitting your plant pots directly on cold surfaces like benchtops, tables, and windowsills can cause the plants themselves to shiver. By propping them up on a metal or wooden plant stand, or even hanging them in baskets or macrame, you can help regulate the temperature of your plants so they can cope better in the cold.


We hope these winter plant survival tips will help you and your plants survive and thrive throughout the cold months to come! ❄️🌿


📸 Header Image: CUP O FLORA Customer Amy from Kingston, Tas

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