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June 21, 2024
How to Keep Plants Healthy in Winter (5 Indoor Gardening Tips)

For our CUP O FLORA family here in Australia, winter is knocking on our doors. Colder days mean less sunlight, more cool airflow, and a more temperamental time of year for...

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Holiday Travel Plant Care Tips for Self-watering Pots

The holiday season is here and many of us will be packing our bags and planning trips to visit friends and family, or to just enjoy a much needed break away...

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Top 5 Peace Lily Care Tips (For When Everything Seems to Fail)

Our recent Instagram collab with @beantheredugthat gave us a little insight into the fickle nature of our old friend the Peace Lily. Congratulations to the winner of that competition, and if...

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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Plants for Spring

Spring's here, and your plants crave TLC! Dive into our 5-step guide on our blog: from refreshing soil to optimal positioning for sunlight. Plus, discover gifting ideas with plant pups...

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