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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Plants for Spring
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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Plants for Spring

Spring is undoubtedly the best time of year for plant parents to be giving their greenery a little extra TLC. Think about it - by the time we get to Spring, our plants have endured the cold frosts of Winter...and in a few months, they'll be hit with the harsh heat of Summer. Spring is that beautiful time in between when plants can relax, refresh and really have a chance to flourish...but they do need a little help from us. So, we've put together the ultimate guide to preparing your plants for Spring (AKA helping your plants recover from Winter and prep for Summer).

Here's what you need to consider...

Preparing Plants for Spring (in 5 Simple Steps)

1. Refresh soil

Soil is super important when it comes to maintaining the health and wellbeing of your plants. There are a lot of factors that come into play when refreshing soil in Springtime including choosing the right type of soil or potting mix and making sure the soil is packed correctly (not too loose, not too tight) around the roots. Because it's best to replace soil every 12-18 months (for most plants, not all), setting a Springtime calendar reminder will help keep you on top of it.

2. Fertilise

As with soil, different plants respond in different ways to the types of fertiliser available, and how often they need feeding. It's always best to follow the advice on fertiliser packaging, however, a good general rule to follow for most plants is to start feeding in Spring at a frequency of once every 2-3 weeks. Then, adjust from there, according to your plants' needs/response.

3. Split plants with pups

Splitting plants with pups (you may know them as offshoots or sister plants) isn't only good for the parent plant, but it's a great way to prep low-cost gifts for Christmas (yep, it's just around the corner). Carefully split the pups from the parent plant and, depending on their growth, you can pop them into a snazzy propagation station or plant them directly into a pretty new pot with soil and nurture them until a plant-loving friend is in need of a gift.

4. Repot if needed

Repotting should definitely be a Springtime endeavour, unless the circumstances are dire. In the harsher seasons, plants have enough trouble staying happy and healthy without having to deal with an entire relocation as well (we all know how exhausting moving home can be). So, if you notice that your plants are outgrowing their current pots or even becoming rootbound, take this opportunity to move them into a bigger, better space while they're feeling up to it. Have you seen our new X-Large Self-watering Pot? What plant wouldn't been keen as a bean to move into that?!

CUP O FLORA Extra Large Self-watering Pot

5. Reposition for the new season

With the sun moving higher into the sky and the weather becoming warmer, Spring brings with it many seasonal changes that can impact the happiness of your plants. Be sure to check on their position throughout the day and if they're now being hit by direct sunlight, shift them slightly so they're in a shadier space.

For more plant care info across a range of our recommended plants for CUP O FLORA pots including African Violets, Basil, and Parlour Palms, check out our handy online Plant Care Guide.

Now, you should be ready to tackle Springtime plant care like a pro! 🌷🥰

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