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Top 5 Peace Lily Care Tips (For When Everything Seems to Fail)
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Top 5 Peace Lily Care Tips (For When Everything Seems to Fail)

Our recent Instagram collab with @beantheredugthat gave us a little insight into the fickle nature of our old friend the Peace Lily. Congratulations to the winner of that competition, and if you missed the post, you can check it out HERE!

This collaboration has inspired us to talk about Peace Lilies in a little more depth, so grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and take a quick read through our Peace Lily care tips for when you just can't seem to get them to thrive.

The most important thing to remember if your Peace Lily seems under the weather is not to overreact. There's no need to run and place it near the window as it's unlikely that it's not getting enough light (and being in direct sunlight will just make it feel worse).

5-Step Peace Lily care guide

1. Keep Peace Lily soil moist but not wet

Peace Lilies love a moist, humid environment, but boy, howdy, do they kick up a stink if their soil is too wet. The most important thing to look out for is brown tips on the leaves. This is a telltale sign that they're either getting too much or too little water. To combat this, we suggest planting Peace Lilies in pots that offer self-watering care, but you need to make sure the pot is big enough to handle the growth of a Peace Lily plant. Our brand new X-Large Self-watering Pot ticks all those boxes.

2. Dust Peace Lily leaves regularly

Dusting or wiping your Peace Lily leaves gently to remove excess dust helps to allow for proper photosynthesis. We recommend giving them a bit of dusting TLC every 3-4 weeks (or more frequently if you live in a particularly dusty environment).

3. Mist Peace Lily leaves to increase humidity

Peace Lilies like it wet...but not too wet. The best way to keep them happy in this regard is to use a mister to spray a little water around the leaves every few days. Pair our fabulous Plant Mister with the XL self-watering pot from tip #1 and you've got a winning Peace Lily care combo, baby!

peace lily care products

4. Deadhead Peace Lily flowers

Deadheading is the practice of removing flowers that are dead or dying to allow the plant to spend more energy on caring for fresh, healthy leaves and growing more flowers. Use a pair of quality flower snips to carry this process out as needed. If you've managed to grow flowers though, you shoud be super proud - depending on light conditions and other factors, it can be quite hard to get flowers on Peace Lilies. Well done, you!

5. Fertilise Peace Lilies sparingly

Peace lilies aren't heavy feeders, so it's important to take care that they're not over-fertilised. Every 6 weeks or so throughout summer/spring should be enough to encourage growth and help them flourish. For Peace Lilies in CUP O FLORA pots, a single pump of our Seaweed Tonic into the water once a month will do. Let it absorb for a couple of days before refreshing the water.

BONUS TIP: If you notice that your Peace Lily is growing too big for its existing pot, you can absolutely take it out, change the soil (this is important) and separate the pups to make more room (or move it to a bigger pot). Then, you can pot the pups in their own smaller self-watering pots and you'll have a whole Peace Lily family to care for (or to gift to plant loving friends).

Hopefully, this guide will help you feel a little more confident in caring for your lovely Peace Lilies. They may be fickle, but they are definitely worth the effort.

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