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Celebrating World Environment Day: Cup O Flora’s Commitment to Reducing Waste and Promoting Sustainability
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Celebrating World Environment Day: Cup O Flora’s Commitment to Reducing Waste and Promoting Sustainability

Imagine a world where every small action we take today ensures a greener tomorrow. At Cup O Flora, we are dedicated to making this vision a reality.

World Environment Day, celebrated annually on June 5th, emphasises the importance of protecting the natural world in all the ways available to us.

At Cup O Flora, we deeply understand that we are an integral part of the intricate web of life that connects all of us on this beautiful planet. We recognise that every action we take impacts the wellbeing of our world. As stewards of nature, we are committed to making sustainable choices and fostering a harmonious relationship with our environment.

We believe that by nurturing plants, we are not only bringing life and beauty into our homes but also contributing to the health and balance of our ecosystem. Our mission is to inspire and enable our community to cultivate greener, more sustainable lifestyles. Together, we can create a brighter, more vibrant future for generations to come.

Here are a few ways in which we live these values...


1. Our signature self-watering pots are made from glass instead of plastic

We sell durable, high-quality, reusable, handmade glass self-watering pots that significantly help to reduce plastic waste. We also offer spare inner cups via our online store to help promote longevity and sustainability (in case your pot accidentally falls and the inner breaks, you don't need to throw the whole thing away).

CUP O FLORA self-watering pots with replaceable inners


2. We don't use bubble wrap

Since 2018, we have worked to eliminate the use of bubble wrap from our packaging. By using alternative materials and innovative design solutions, bubble wrap has been a thing of the past in the Cup O Flora warehouses since 2020! This transition has helped us reduce plastic waste significantly, protecting our land and sea environments and the creatures who call them home.

CUP O FLORA self-watering pots


3. Always seeking environmentally-friendly alternatives

Just a few changes we've made over the years after looking into environmentally friendly alternatives for our processes include:

  • Switching from silicone rings to recyclable cardboard rings to sit between the glass of inner and outer pots to keep them safe during delivery. We currently still use silicone rings, but are working to phase these out through rigorous testing to ensure the safety of our pots in transit.
  • All shipping and packaging (aside from silicone rings) is now made from fully recyclable cardboard and we use plastic-free tape.

By constantly seeking out alternatives to plastic, we feel good about the work we do...and you can feel good about using our products!

CUP O FLORA cardboard packaging and self-watering pot


4. We keep a tight ship

Literally! We use fit-to-order shipping boxes to minimise unused space, saving resources and reducing costs. By doing this, we're helping to reduce carbon emissions and packaging waste.

CUP O FLORA packaging


5. We've introduced compostable soil packaging bags

And why wouldn't we? By opting for bags that are suitable for composting and microbial treatment over plastic bags for our soil packaging, we're helping to reduce landfill waste and contribute to a healthier and happier ecosystem for years to come. Once you've finished with the soil bag, it's as simple as placing it in a Green organics bin or your own compost bin or worm farm.

CUP O FLORA soil in compostable bags


As part of the gardening industry, we are proud to implement even the smallest of changes that might help benefit our Earth for years to come. To support us in our environmental endeavours, you can check out the Cup O Flora online store to find a range of sustainable and environmentally-friendly indoor gardening goodies.

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