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5 Ways Gardeners Can Make a Difference This Plastic Free July
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5 Ways Gardeners Can Make a Difference This Plastic Free July

Plastic pollution is a significant challenge for our planet, with plastic waste affecting our oceans, landscapes, and the air we breathe. Unlike glass, which can be endlessly recycled, plastic breaks down in a harmful way (we’re looking at you, microplastics), causing damage to ecosystems and even infiltrating our bodies. But there is hope!

Plastic Free July is a global movement that inspires millions to reduce their plastic footprint and make a tangible commitment to plastic reduction...year after year. It's an opportunity to embrace positive changes and contribute to a healthier environment.

At Cup O Flora, we are passionate about being part of this change by promoting sustainable and eco-friendly gardening practices to help our customers and our planet thrive. Here are a few of our best tips for gardening greener this Plastic Free July (and beyond).

1. Swap out your plastic pots for reusable or biodegradable ones

One of the easiest ways to cut down on plastic use in your garden is by ditching plastic pots. At Cup O Flora, we offer beautiful glass self-watering pots that are not only stylish but super sustainable as well. Our pots ensure your plants get just the right amount of water, reducing waste and making it much easier to look after your greenery. Alternatively, for the DIY enthusiasts, consider creating your own eco-planters - it's a fun and rewarding project for kids (and kids at heart) to enjoy.

Cup O Flora ribbed glass self watering pot

2. Utilise plastic-free gardening tools

Why settle for plastic tools when you can opt for durable, eco-friendly alternatives? Metal watering cans and glass misters are excellent choices that combine functionality with sustainability. They last longer, work better, and eliminate the need for plastic. Plus, they add a touch of charm to your garden setup.

Cup O Flora glass plant mister

3. Avoid harmful pesticides and choose organic plant foods

Conventional pesticides can be harmful to both your plants and the environment. Switch to organic plant foods like those from the Munash Organics range. These products are natural, effective, and nourish your plants without the nasty chemicals, ensuring a healthier garden.

Munash Organics plant food range

4. Support companies that promote eco-friendly practices

When you choose to shop with companies that prioritise sustainability, you are making a powerful statement. At Cup O Flora, we are committed to reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly alternatives. Our products and practices are designed with the environment in mind, from our glass plant pots to our recyclable packaging. By supporting us, you're not just getting high-quality gardening supplies; you're also supporting a greener future.

Cup O Flora sustainable packaging

5. Choose wooden or metal accessories for indoor gardens

Plastic-free doesn't have to mean boring! Opt for stylish wooden or metal accessories to lift your indoor gardening game. Our metal stands and wooden stands provide support for your plants, while adding an elegant touch to your decor. Don't forget our Bee Bud - a charming little wooden friend for your plants that you build yourself (and $1 from each purchase is donated to the Wheen Bee Foundation).

Cup O Flora Plant a Float wooden plant stand

This Plastic Free July, take the opportunity to make small changes that add up to a big impact. By choosing sustainable gardening practices and supporting eco-conscious companies like Cup O Flora, you are contributing to a healthier, happier planet.

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