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How to Keep Orchids Thriving and Blooming Year After Year
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How to Keep Orchids Thriving and Blooming Year After Year

Whether you're a die-hard orchid grower or new to the art of orchid care, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll be sharing a few tricks of the trade when it comes to keeping orchids not only thriving but blooming exquisitely, year after year. Let's grow...

CUP O FLORA OrchidVent glass orchid planters


How to pot orchids for best growth

Potting and/or repotting orchids for optimal growth doesn't have to be a stressful ordeal...but it does involve some know-how.

Here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Ensure the orchid has been watered and is in good health before attempting to pot or repot it.
  2. Prepare a well-draining pot for their new home as most orchid varieties don't like having wet feet. Our specialised OrchidVent™ orchid planter inner pots with drainage holes have been crafted specifically with orchids in mind. They make fantastic, functional, and stylish orchid pots for seasoned orchid growers and beginners alike. Grab yours in a Large or X-large size depending on how big your orchid has grown or how much room you'd like to allow it to grow.
  3. Use our specialised potting mix made for orchids - regular potting mix just won't do. Orchid potting mix generally contains a mix of composed of bark, perlite, and charcoal but you can reach out to speak with one of our friendly CUP O FLORA team members or ask your local plant nursery for further advice.
  4. Trim any dead or rotting roots to encourage new growth.
  5. Position the orchid in the centre of the new pot, ensuring the roots are spread evenly. Fill the pot with the orchid mix, pressing lightly to secure the plant.
  6. Water thoroughly, allowing excess to drain away. If you've planted your orchid in one of our OrchidVent™ planters, there is a handy reservoir cup that will catch excess water and the clear glass design will allow you to see when the potting mix and roots have been watered to perfection.
  7. Now, pop the orchid in a well-lit location without direct sunlight, and watch it flourish!
CUP O FLORA OrchidVent orchid planters with drainage holes


How to care for orchids in a pot

When it comes to caring for potted orchids, there are a few tips we suggest following to help achieve good growth and vibrant blooms year after year...

  • Get to know the species of orchid you decide to adopt. Different varieties have different needs so it's important to properly research how to care for them.
  • Maintain consistent moisture levels by watering every week to 10 days and letting it drain completely.
  • Provide ample humidity by spraying leaves lightly but regularly using an indoor plant mister.
  • Fertilise often with a balanced orchid fertiliser (usually at least once a month for Phalaenopsis, for example). Follow package instructions, but flush with fresh water between rounds of fertiliser to avoid build-up.
  • Monitor for pests and diseases, addressing any issues promptly to keep your orchid healthy and thriving.

Of course, as mentioned above, we do recommend carrying out your own research to find the best orchid care for your unique plants, but we hope this helps to give you some foundational knowledge that you can build on as you go. Happy planting!

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