Fittonia spp

Welcome to the vibrant world of Fittonias, also known as Nerve Plants, at Cup O Flora. Native to the tropical rainforests of South America, these striking plants are celebrated for their intricate leaf patterns and brilliant vein colours. Not only do they add a splash of tropical beauty to any indoor space, but they are also non-toxic, making them a perfect choice for homes with pets.

Optimal Growing Conditions for Fittonias:

  • Light: Fittonias flourish in bright, indirect light. Shield them from harsh direct sunlight to prevent leaf scorching.

  • Temperature: Warm conditions mimic their natural habitat. Keep them away from cold drafts and extreme temperatures to maintain a comfortable range between 18°C to 27°C (64°F to 80°F).

  • Humidity: As lovers of moisture, Fittonias thrive in humid environments. Regular misting, especially in the warmer months, or placing them in naturally humid areas like kitchens or bathrooms, can boost their growth.

Caring for Fittonias in Cup O Flora's Self-Watering Pots:

Cup O Flora's self-watering pots are a perfect match for Fittonias, ensuring consistent moisture without the risk of waterlogging. In areas with high humidity, keep the water level at about 1 cm and let the pot dry for a few days before refilling. This helps maintain the perfect balance of moisture and air for these tropical beauties.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting:

Fittonias communicate their needs effectively. Wilting may indicate a need for water, while yellow leaves can suggest overwatering or a lack of nutrients. Brown crispy leaves are often a result of dry air or excessive direct sunlight. Adjusting your care routine accordingly can quickly resolve these issues.

Aesthetic Appeal in Glass Pots:

The beauty of Fittonias in Cup O Flora's glass self-watering pots is unmatched. Mature plants elegantly cascade over the glass, creating a mesmerising waterfall effect. Choose between varieties with red or white veins to match your style and décor.

Additional Care Tips:

Fertilise sparingly, particularly during the dormant winter period. Prune to encourage denser growth and remove any damaged or dried leaves to maintain the plant's health and appearance.


How often should I water my Fittonia in a self-watering pot?
As a rule of thumb, when the outer pot is dry, add 1 cm of water to keep the plant hydrated.

Can Fittonias tolerate low light conditions?
Fittonias will suffer in poorly lit areas. Always ensure that your plant receives a good dose of natural light by placing it close to a window without direct sun.


    With Cup O Flora's self-watering pots, caring for Fittonias is simple and rewarding. They bring a touch of tropical elegance to your space, with minimal effort required. Explore our range of Fittonias and self-watering pots to find the perfect match for your home.