Our Brand

CUP O FLORA® was created in 2014 and represents a collection of self-watering pots designs. We have a registered trademark for the brand and the logo. The brand name should always be capitalised and include the ® symbol.

Cup O Flora®


CUP O FLORA consists of three parts. Please ensure that you are referring to the correct part when describing our pots:

  • Inner cup - the small piece of glass containing the soil and plant
  • Outer pot - the large piece of glass containing the water
  • Wick - the small ribbon pulling the water from the outer pot into the inner cup

Our Logo

Our logo represents who we are and our set of beliefs: Green, Circular economy, simplicity and sound design. It shows a drop of water coming out of a sideway letter ‘C’, representing our products’ capillary nature.

Primary logo

On the left, the CUP O FLORA Green logo is our primary logo colourway. Wherever possible, we aim to use the primary logo in full-colour and only against a Black or White background.

Download primary logos

Monotone logos

When you cannot use our primary full-colour logos, you may use the monotone logo that provides the most contrast.

Here are some uses where you may require the use of monotone logos:

When you require single-colour printing.
When accurate colour representations aren't attainable.
On busy or patterned backgrounds.
On backgrounds without enough contrast.

Download monotone logos

Exclusion Zone

The logo icon and its exclusion zone are equal to half the icon’s height (marked as × in the diagram).

Minimum Size

Please adhere to the logo's minimum size to ensure its impact and legibility.

The CUP O FLORA logo should never be smaller than 35px in digital or 10mm in print.

Our Colours

CUP O FLORA has, and always will be green. Our Green logo should only ever sit on a white background.

HEX: #4EA545
R68 G182 B87
C72 M0 Y90 K0

R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

R25 G20 B20
C0 M0 Y0 K100



Correct use of the logo

Do not resole the logo in two different colours
Do not use the wordmark alone
do not stretch or squeeze it
Do not rotate it
Do not use busy backgrounds
Do not use against low-contrast
Do not use gradients or shadows
Do not change the logo colour or tone outside of the CUP O FLORA green
Do not create your own version

Our Images

We spent much time and effort to create the images used on our website and other marketing material. They are our proprietary assets and cannot be used without permission. If you are a client and want to use our images, please email us at info@cupoflora.com with a brief description of your intended use and the resolution you require, i.e. print, web, etc.

If you have questions about anything in this guide, you are missing brand elements, or you are unsure if your communication best represents the CUP O FLORA brand, please contact our team at info@cupoflora.com.