I gave a lot of thought to the look and functionality of the product. The result is a clear pot made of strong borosilicate glass using a wicking system. Here is how it all came about...

Odi Reuveni - About CUP O FLORA®

Mordechai Etzioni - About CUP O FLORA®

About the Founder

For most of his life Odi Reuveni has been 'rescuing' plants from friends and nurseries, and bringing them back to life. Odi's challenge was to come up with an intuitive and clean alternative to conventional pots that would make plant care easy.

Odi used his training as a researcher to explore the market and came across a small plastic pot while travelling in Brazil. He then spent six months improving the design and quality of the product.

The result is CUP O FLORA, a beautiful yet simple plant pot allowing busy plant lovers to grow their favourite leaf and flower anywhere.

The Love of Gardening

Odi's passion for plants and soil was inspired by his father Mordechai, who for the past fifty years has designed and built numerous gardens.

Born in the semi-arid town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Mordechai has been known for transforming barren landscapes into beautiful gardens.

Now in his eighties, Mordechai continues to maintain the gardens he created and keep the environment clean.