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Prepare your Plants for Spring
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Prepare your Plants for Spring

Are you noticing the warmer weather? I'm sure that your plants are. I can just see the new leaves starting to shoot and flower buds popping out. Plants are great communicators but sometimes, as with humans, there are misunderstandings and false signals. 

What your plants want to tell you is that it's the time of year when they need some extra love and attention. They want to thrive and make you happy but can't do it without your help. So below are some tips to help you set them up to flourish in the warmer weather.

Tip 1: Fertilise!

Plants need nutrients. The original soil of plants bought from a nursery often does not provide the essential ingredients plants need to grow and blossom. Now is a great time to mix some slow-release fertiliser into the soil. The type of fertiliser will depend on the plant you have. Choose a fertiliser with high levels of potassium and nitrogen. Apply sparingly and mix with the soil.


Adding slow-release fertiliser to your pot will provide the plant with food for the next six months. Image:

Tip 2: Replenish the Soil

Another way to renew your plant's energy (and fortune) is to change its soil. Potting mix is inexpensive and re-potting is quick and easy. Choose a high-quality soil with a good amount of perlite, a volcanic rock that improves drainage. You can also buy perlite separately and add it to your existing potting mix.

Tip 3: Water Generously

As your plants come out of their dormant winter state they will use more energy and need more water to support growth. Warmer weather also means greater evaporation, in particular for plants with large leaves. Be sure to look out for droopy leaves as the first sign that your beloved plant needs a drink.

Tip 4: Position is Everything

The sun travels higher during the summer months, and plants located in previously shady spots may now become exposed to direct sunlight. While some varieties like Crotons and succulents enjoy some direct sun, most indoor plants can suffer from sustained exposure to sunlight. Review the location of your plants to be sure they receive lots of natural light without direct sun. 

Plants in CUP O FLORA pots are no different from those in regular vessels. Here are two simple ways to prepare your self-watering pots for summer:

1) Re-potting. If your plant’s roots are circling around the bottom of the inner cup, or the leaves are starting to go yellow, it is time to re-pot your plant. Gently pull it out of the existing pot and clear any old soil. Then, place it in a larger CUP O FLORA pot and cover the roots with fresh soil. See full instructions here.

    Fun fact: not sure what to do with your used pot after re-potting? Pop both inner cup and outer pot in the top rack of your dishwasher and Voilà! Your fresh vessel is ready for a new plant. Need a fresh wick? Order online.

    Roots thickening around the bottom of the inner cup is a sign that your plant needs more room to grow.

    2) Check for dry leaves. Most house plants’ leaves can dry out. This is natural and all you have to do is cut the leaf from its base. Too many dry leaves could mean that your plant is not getting any water, while dry leaf ends might mean that it is getting too much water. Check the water level of the outer pot to see that the water in the outer pot is not touching the inner cup (you don’t want the plant to be sitting in water). Be sure to keep an eye on the water level as refilling intervals may shorten dramatically with the rising temperature.

    You can find tips for your Parlour Palm or Peace Lily on our website.

    Spring and summer is a wonderful time for plants. A small effort at the start of the season will see your plants thrive over the next few months and beyond. 

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