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March 28, 2023
Our War on Plastic

I recently watched a documentary that portrayed in a graphic way how plastic travels around the globe through the air and waterways, ending up inside birds, turtles and, yes, humans....

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The best potting mix for your indoor plants

A good foundation for growing plants starts from the ground up. While plants in the garden are happy in soil, the same can’t be said for indoor potted plants. They...

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How to find the right fertiliser for my indoor plants

To help boost the growth of your indoor plants, you need to feed them. But, with so many different fertilisers and plant tonics available, what’s the best one? To help...

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Three Ways to Use Coriander in the Kitchen

This blog covers our top favourite ways to use fresh Coriander from our CUP O HERBS Fresh Coriander Kit, including a yummy detox juice recipe.

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Prepare your Plants for Spring

Are you noticing the warmer weather? I'm sure that your plants are. I can just see the new leaves starting to shoot and flower buds popping out. Plants are great communicators...

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Plants Can Help During COVID-19

Plants have an important role to play in times of crisis. Here is our list of how plants can help you survive the isolation and help fight COVID-19.

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