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The best potting mix for your indoor plants

A good foundation for growing plants starts from the ground up. While plants in the garden are happy in soil, the same can’t be said for indoor potted plants. They need a potting mix. It’s made up of larger chunks and particles to better allow potted plant roots to breathe and absorb water and nutrients. But not all mixes are the same. Let’s explore what’s in a mix and what’s best for your plants. What’s in a potting mix? Most standard potting mixes are made up of composted organic matter, such as bark fines or sawdust. They may also contain additives such as slow-release fertilisers to support plant growth and washed river sand, peat moss or perlite to assist with...

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The Road to New Zealand

Image: Dakota Monk from Burst After three years of trying, CUP O FLORA pots have landed on New Zealand store shelves. It has been a challenging journey, but perseverance paid off. Here is how it happened. I started CUP O FLORA in 2014 and the take up was strong. Australian customers loved the planters, and big chains began to come on board, so it was time to expand to other markets. Short of a small retailer in LA, sales were confined to Australia. New Zealand was always a natural market. Kiwis have a similar interest in indoor plants, the rules and regulations were not too different, and they speak the same language. I knew that the pots would be popular...

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Prepare your Plants for Spring

Are you noticing the warmer weather? I'm sure that your plants are. I can just see the new leaves starting to shoot and flower buds popping out. Plants are great communicators but sometimes, as with humans, there are misunderstandings and false signals.  What your plants want to tell you is that it's the time of year when they need some extra love and attention. They want to thrive and make you happy but can't do it without your help. So below are some tips to help you set them up to flourish in the warmer weather. Tip 1: Fertilise! Plants need nutrients. The original soil of plants bought from a nursery often does not provide the essential ingredients plants need to...

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