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Seaweed Tonic

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Munash Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic is a lush concentrate you add to the plant's water to support growth and keep your plant healthy. It is made from sustainable Australian Bull Kelp and growth minerals, providing gentle nourishment. 

Directions: Shake well. Squeeze one pump (equivalent to 2mL) of Seaweed Tonic into 2 litres of water. Then, pour the solution into the outer pot, keeping the liquid to about 2 cm. Pour the water and replenish every two weeks.

What's in the box

1 x bottle of Seaweed Tonic (inc. pump)


Diameter: 5 cm
Height: 15 cm
Weight: 235g

Recyclable Packaging

Our packaging is made of recyclable cardboard and can be disposed in your home's recycling bin. Read more.

Australian Design

Our award-winning self-watering and propagation stations are designed in Australia.

Made by People not Machines

We use high-quality borosilicate glass, The pots are hand-blown based on our unique design.